Wooden Rolling Library Ladder

Sep 23rd
Rolling Library Ladder Hardware Kit Uk

A wooden rolling library ladder can be helpful in accomplishing many home improvement projects in your home. You can build a wooden ladder instead of buying one. A handmade wooden ladder consists of two posts and several rungs.


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Clamp a stop block for the fence on miter saw make 12-inch long cuts. Cut two-of-three-by-96-inch boards into 12-inch lengths. Measure and mark every 12 inches along one 4-inch side of both 2-by-4-by-96-inch discs; these are the step posts. The marks indicate the position of the rungs. The rolling ladder pins will focus on the 12-inch brands. Mark 1 1/4 inch on either side of the 12-inch marks to indicate where to cut the score for the rungs. Set the table saw a dado blade set, which is specially designed to make wide cuts on boards.

Mill slots in a ladder upright at a time. Keep the board with the 2-inch side flat against the table saw with a 4-inch side against the miter. The pencil markings should be visible to you. Slide the miter through the saw and pull it back through until you have created a 2 1/2-inch notch indicated by the pencil markers along both boards. Place the posts parallel to each other with a 2-inch side with the slots facing up. Apply wood glue to each of the notches. Insert the rungs into the grooves. Drive screws through the step pins in the posts. Use two screws per joint. Let the glue dry. Sand the library ladder with fine sandpaper. Apply a wood finish. Let the finish dry.

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