Wood to Tile Transitions Design Ideas

May 24th
Wood to Tile Transitions Strips
Wood to Tile Transitions Strips

Wood to tile transitions – One of the easiest ways to get together on a tile and wood floor is with a single edge contour. This can be either a strip of tile or a strip of the wood that runs around the joint between the two materials. It only works where the two areas are flush. And you just want a limit to define installation areas. Such as with an inset tile parlor against a wooden floor.

If the transition occurs in a doorway, bridge the temporary area of   course in the middle of the door with a threshold. Thresholds can be a variety of materials, one of the preferred types of marble because of its durability. Thresholds are commonly sold in gray or dull white. Although you can find them in other colors. When the door is closed you normally cannot see the threshold. Giving the illusion that the material in this room carries in the other.

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If height is not a concern and you have two floors of different finish levels. But you want the transition between two. You can use a reduction gear strip to bridge the height between both materials. This is a ramped piece of material, either installed on the edge of the tile or the edge of wood and ramps down to a lower finish flooring surface. They are ideal for disabled access areas.

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