Wood Look Tile Flooring Ideas

Mar 25th
Unusual Wood Look Tile Flooring
Unusual Wood Look Tile Flooring

Wood look tile flooring only as vinyl type often in the kitchen and bathroom, many flooring materials are in the tile. It is important to know the facts before picking out a tile floor for your kitchen. You want tiles that can withstand moisture, heat and heavy traffic while being attractive.


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Wood look tile flooring tends to scuff or scratch in the heavy traffic of a kitchen. Laminate floors are durable and generally handle moisture well, although they cannot be resealed if something goes wrong. Ceramic tile floors are extremely durable, even if they can chip or crack if something heavy is dropped on them. Their hardness also means that if you lose something, it can break.


All tiled floors can be cleaned with warm water and a mop. Mild detergents are also acceptable, but it is best to avoid abrasive problems. A little extra work is required to get down these lines and remove dirt. Vinyl is the cheapest tile floor. Laminates fall in the middle, while ceramic tiles are slightly higher prices. All these flooring materials are considered quite easy to install for those who are close at hand, so you can save some money. Ceramic tiles, if properly maintained, can extend for half a century. Wood look tile flooring generally max out about 30 years, while vinyl flooring lasts about 15 years. Their longevity makes ceramic floors a better long-term venture.

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