Wood Desk Top Quick Ideas and You Can Do It Yourself and Save

Jun 4th
Wood Seat For Bar Stool
Wood Seat For Bar Stool Ideas

Wood Desk Top –  I have a very small dining room and have been trying to find out what to do with it. Because it also accesses the backyard. I want to taste the cafe, but have a very small budget. Then one day my neighbor thought of a good idea. He has an old wooden table that is no longer used. He asked me if I thought we could cut it to the middle and make a stylish bar outside. I said yes we can, and I will take another half.

We cut it in half, in the center of the length. We can both make a table top table / Pub that is mounted on the wall. My neighbor will put it at the height of the original table and use the standard chair that he must sit there. My husband received a lot of attention on a few high chairs, dark wood, pubs. So I added about 10 inches long to the foot of the table by cutting the board 4 “x4” with the size needed to fit the top of the foot.

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I then found a stain that matched the chair and sniffed the table and legs. This gave us a perfect little table, as well as some extra interest for our very small dining room. You can easily do the same thing with an old table that you have occupied. Or you buy from a garage, property sales or thrift shop. Measure in the center of the table and with the carpenter make a straight line along the road in the center of the table.

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