Wood Coffee Table Design

Oct 6th
Rustic Coffee Table Ideas Plan
Rustic Coffee Table Ideas Plan

The design of wood coffee table is limited only by your imagination. Be creative, and you can have a table that has your friends talking about their latest project. Have fun, and you can enjoy your own wooden construction coffee table. Place one of the prefabricated table legs on the floor and a piece of wood 44 inches sure cut next to the top side of the leg with finishing nails. Make sure that the wood trim reaches the exact top of the leg. And align the side edge of the leg with the side edge of the molding.

Place another leg on the opposite end of the trim and repeat the process. With the other piece of 44-inch molding and the two legs of the unused table, repeat the same process as before for these pieces. Take a piece of 16-inch wood trim and secure it to the top of one of the legs of the table with finishing nails. Make sure it is at right angles to the 44-inch wood trim piece and overlaps the end of the wood trim.

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Lay the unfinished pine panel 1 by 20 inches on top of the frame built only and the center of the panel so that the frame is even on all sides. The panel should protrude from the frame about an inch on each side. Fix the panel to the frame with finishing nails. Put newspaper on the floor and flip the table so that the top is lying on the paper. Stain the bottom, frame and legs of the table with a layer of dye. Clean the excessive stain with a clean dry cloth. Repeat with a second layer of stain and let it dry.

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