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June 17, 2019 Wood

Weathered Oak Dresser: Icon of Strength, Beauty and Durability

Observe a weathered oak dresser with natural finish, and you will appreciate its brown tone, tending to gold, and its precious veins. The oak wood conveys a warmth that transcends times or fashions. Therefore, a beautiful oak dresser can adapt perfectly to any decorative, classic or avant-garde style.

Chests Of Drawers

Chests Of Drawers

The elegance of a weathered oak chest of drawers can make it look little robust. And, however, little wood could get a piece of furniture with such resistance and elasticity. You will see it in floors, doors, chairs and a thousand first-class products. The origin of every oak dresser is discovered in fresh forests, generally mixed, of oaks and beech trees. Celts, Germans, Greeks and Romans considered this tree as a sacred symbol, thanks to its longevity.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Weathered Oak Dresser: Icon of Strength, Beauty and Durability

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Image of: Chests Of Drawers

Because of its camouflaged hardness, all the furniture manufactured in this noble wood is an investment in high quality products, destined to be part of your life. Now, start to imagine what are the ideal places to show off a weathered oak nightstand. You can put an attractive dresser of narrow oak, Provencal style, like bathroom furniture, because its resistance to humid environments makes it suitable for it. Add towels in water green, white and beige.

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