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Suitable Height to Hang Wall Barn Sconce

Barn sconce – Walls have been part of life since the Middle Ages, when they were used to illuminate the hidden corners of caves, as well as castles. Torches, mounted on the walls of castles and caves, were used for large areas of light and candles were trapped in pieces of wood or metal and placed on the walls for small areas.

Best Barn Wall Sconces Style

Best Barn Wall Sconces Style

We have the luxury of choosing whether we want appliques that hold candles or use light bulbs and electricity, but unless they are installed in the correct position, they can be unpleasant to the eye, no matter how much you paid for them.

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Generally speaking, a wall sconce should be installed no less than 5 feet 5 and 1/2 feet from the floor. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. In a very high wall, you may want to go a little higher to complement an art piece or to create balance, or if you are going to install wall sconces with stairs. What you should avoid is placing a barn sconce on which the average person sees the bulb, which ruins the smooth appearance that a chandelier is supposed to create. If in doubt, measure the wall to find the midpoint and hang your barn sconce there, as long as it is not less than 5 feet from the ground.

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