Story about the Canopy Bed Frame Queen

Apr 10th
Queen Bed Frame Set
Queen Bed Frame Set

Canopy Bed Frame Queen – The canopy bed is a classic, romantic bed that still adorns bedrooms. First gaining popularity in the 15th century England. The canopy was a bed of solid oak, adorned with curtains and a roof. Nobles prized their luxurious four posters, often adorned with precious stones and silk curtains. The canopy bed evolved through several different styles before becoming the discreet, elegant version we see today.

The canopy bed originated in the 15th century and is believed to have come from Austria. It was a bedroom fixture during the Tudor England. A feather bed was placed on a layer of cloth on the top of a straw mat, which in turn was based on the frame of the bed. The small frame was made of solid oak, intricately carved and decorated with precious metals and precious stones. The nobles had very ornate beds. The bedding was richly embroidered with silver and gold thread and tapestries hung from the canopy.

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The carvings on the posts and tester of the canopy bed of a nobleman often featured Tudor layers of his family and of the wife’s arms, as well as hunting scenes, monsters, and knights. Canopy beds were usually oak, but Queen Elizabeth I had a four walnut poster, which only royalty and the wealthy could afford.

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