Steps to Replacement Kitchen Faucet Head

Apr 11th
Replacement Kitchen Faucet Head
Replacement Kitchen Faucet Head

Replacement Kitchen Faucet Head – By investing a little time and carefully follow the instructions, you can save money and install a working faucet head. When shopping for the necessary supplies, ensure that the new faucet head has the same whole pattern as the one you currently have. Various faucet heads and wash basins have different whole patterns, then confirm when selecting a replacement crane faucet head is compatible with your current sink basin.

Instructions to replacement kitchen faucet head turn off the shut-off valves under the sink. Turn on valve to relieve pressure. Remove the water supply hose from the bottom of the sink with a basin wrench. If you’re current tap is provided with a pop-up drain, removing the link from the pop-up valve under the sink. Unscrew the nuts that anchor the crane to the pool using a pool wrench. If you find the anchor bolts corroded, nuts may be difficult to remove. Lubrication bolt with penetrating oil for easy removal of nuts.

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Next steps to replacement kitchen faucet head get an even grip on both sides of the faucet head and lift it from the pool. You can put a little pressure at the end of the crane for increased leverage to break the seal if it is fixed. Apply pipe joint funding for the tailpiece of the drain. Screw the tailpiece to the tube socket, screw nut for t-socket screw plastic washer to the tube connector and tighten the rubber gasket to the T-Touch. (T-connector joins pipes from a sink to a single drain pipe.) If the drain is already fixed and needs no installation, skip this step.

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Then steps to replacement kitchen faucet head scrape away the old plumber € ™ s putty with a putty knife and clean the area of ​​debris. Next steps apply new putty to the pool. Next seal with a small bead of putty anywhere faucet makes contact with the pool. Most cranes today come with rubber seals. If this is the case for your faucet, skip this step. Align the new faucet in the appropriate holes. Turn the faucet down with anchor bolts under the sink and tighten with pool wrench.

Now steps to replacement kitchen faucet head apply Teflon tape to the threads of your water supply connections and tighten each connection together. Tighten each connection firmly to ensure that it seals. Next steps winding belt in the same direction that the brackets will be placed. Then insert the new pop-up link to the pivot rod on the drain. Make sure the rod slides into the relationship without problems and remains snug. Screw the aerator of the faucet spout. Than open shut-off valves under the sink and turn on both hot and cold sides. Let the faucet run for a moment to remove trapped air while you check for leaks. Inspect the pipes to make sure there are no leaks before installing the aerator.

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