Retractable Desk Armoire Ideas

Apr 9th
Wood Computer Armoire Desk
Wood Computer Armoire Desk

Installing a retractable desk armoire often requires either a little open desk without boxes underneath it or the victim of a box for the purpose. This simple design, but saves your box and gives you a nice place to write.


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Measure the width of the top desk drawer where you want your text shelf. Add one inch to the width. Cut your shelf board that this width using a table saw. Measure the length of the inside of the drawer fully extended. Cut your shelf on board that length. Round the best edges on the shelf with the router bit and sand edges smooth, first with course, then medium and fine sandpaper. Sand in the direction of the wood fibers. Leave the lower edges straight.

Cut the timber strips the same length as the shelf card. Glue them evenly to the sides of the desk armoire. Test mounts them on the box to see the best edges the box fits between the two strips when the shelf card is set on top of the open box. Allow glued strips on the shelf unit to dry overnight. Apply dry oil stain to the ground and clean the shelf unit. Allow the stain to seep into the wood until the color matches the desk and wipe off the excess. Apply several thin layers of varnish or polyurethane clear coat. Sand between coats with very fine sandpaper.

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