Replace RV Kitchen Faucet

Sep 27th

RV Kitchen Faucet – Discover the plumber in you and fit your new faucet itself. Not the easiest task, but with this step-by-step plan can hardly go wrong. Sometimes a crane simply replacing him leaks. You really need to call a plumber to replace a kitchen faucet. You can do this simply scratch. Especially with these tips, and if you replace the kitchen faucet, do then of course the bathroom faucet, toilet sink and faucet in the shed!

RV Kitchen Faucet
RV Kitchen Faucet

Instructions to replace RV kitchen faucet, measure before you buy the knee joints, the diameter of the existing copper tubes in the kitchen. Typically, the diameter is 10 mm; but it can occur that the diameter is 12 or 15 mm. Before you start replacing a kitchen faucet first closes the main valve (usually at the water meter) off, put the taps in the house and check that it comes out of water. Wash before installing the hot and cold water until the water is clear and clean. Any deposits from the pipes may clog the valve or otherwise contaminate the drinking water. Be careful not to damage the new faucet with the tool during the installation. Never use serrated pliers.

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Steps to replace RV kitchen faucet lay before loosening the clutches of the old faucet down a towel in the kitchen cupboard. There could be some water from the pipes. The picture shows the initial situation. The horizontal copper tubes are of the hot and cold water pipe. The vertical metal tubes of the old crane that goes off. Tighten with a wrench or spanner links loose. This will hang loose tubes of the old kitchen faucet. Take the old faucet loose under the worktop by unscrewing the union nut and pull the valve through the hole in the sheet. Discard the old valve out of the bin. Metal is collected separately and is recycled.

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Next steps to replace RV kitchen faucet, the compression ring of the old knee joint is still on the water pipe. If the compression ring is undamaged, you can use it again. Is this not the case, then saw the piece with a special pipe cutter or hacksaw to the tightening ring of the copper pipe. Place the new compression ring and nut on the tube and install a new wrench the knee joint on the water. Turn the compression fitting to feel by hand, and then give 1 to 1.5 turns. Fixed is fixed, so do not tighten too much.

Now to replace RV kitchen faucet Insert the lower part of the new kitchen faucet with the accompanying o-ring through the hole in the work surface. Turn on the tap onto the work surface and to do this you use the supplied stabilizer plate. Then push the sealing ring and the mounting of it on the bottom. Use a plug or socket wrench 13mm to fix the faucet with the supplied nut. Turn the pressure hoses with the associated sealing ring (gasket) using a spanner to the knee joint.

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Remember to place the stopper between the spout and the body of the faucet to adjust the swivel when replace RV kitchen faucet. Without this ring can rotate the pivot able spout of the faucet 360 degrees. Check when the stopper is inserted the rotation of the crane. So you can see whether you have placed the stop ring. If you put the crane attached permanently to you because not recover. Put the pivoting onto the body of the kitchen faucet with the included locking clip. The locking clip ensures that the outlet cannot shoot off the tap when water pressure will be placed on. And finished! Place the taps in the house closed and turn open the main valve again. Check the connections for leaks.