Pros and Cons of Solid Wood Bar Stool

Dec 5th
Wood Bar Stools Type
Wood Bar Stools Type

Solid wood bar stool first appeared in the bars (hence the name), when there was not enough space to accommodate all the guests around the tables. Nowadays they are common pieces of furniture in houses, gardens, bars, and discotheques. Barstool materials vary depending on the environment. The most common types are wood and metal stools, which have many variations. The most common type is a rotating stool, which has a single central leg and a rotating seat.

The height of a standard stool is 24 to 30 inches (some types are adjustable). They have one or four legs. Seat design varies in shape (most commonly oval) and materials. In the case of wooden stools, the seat is usually made of wood, while leather and fabric seats are more common in the case of metal stools. Backs, arms, and padding are additional; They depend solely on design.

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Wooden stools are rustic. They are sensitive to weather conditions; therefore, they are suitable for indoor use. The term “wood” generally refers to solid wood: oak, cherry, maple, walnut, and walnut. Each wood has its natural color and grain, which is usually the deciding factor when choosing between wooden stools. The regular weight is 25 to 30 lbs., much less than the weight of the metal stools.

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