Ideas for Make Pallet Bed Furniture

Nov 28th
Wooden Pallet Bed Furniture
Wooden Pallet Bed Furniture

Pallet bed furniture – Wood pallets are freely available, free of charge or at a nominal cost, anywhere that accepts deliveries of heavy goods. Gather two or four of them, and you can turn them into DIY bedroom furniture. A platform bed made with a double mattress doubles as it is with a pile of pillows placed along the back. And then you can use more pallets as a basis for a larger bed.

Get 40 by 48 inch wooden pallets in good condition, with no broken or cracked splints. Two pallets are needed for a double bed and four pallets for a double or double bed. Then sand the pallets with the palm sander to soften all surfaces and edges. Rounded edges and corners that can protrude from the edges of the finished bed mattress. This step is important to avoid splinters and may take some time. And then clean the paddles well to remove all the sand dust. If desired, stain or paint the pallets now.

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Place the pallets. For a double bed, they put two pallets from end to end. For a double queen or, they lay two other paddles from end to end next to the first series. And then attach two large hinges where the first two pallets meet, one end of each hinge on each pallet. Then you may need to use a drill to make pilot holes through the hinges and into the wood. And then secure the hinges with wood screws and a screwdriver.

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