Ideas for Fix a Futon Mattress Cover

Sep 20th

Futon mattress cover – Futons save space on the floor, serve as instant guest beds, and are generally cheaper than sofas or sofas. However, should you purchase a futon in an effort to save on furniture expenses and your futon mattress now needs repairs, you are not likely to be satisfied with the idea of ​​spending even more money on a new futon mattress. Fix your futon mattress cover yourself to save money and to extend the life of your futon for several months or even years.

Outdoor Futon Cover Waterproof
Outdoor Futon Cover Waterproof

Open the zipper of your futon mattress to access the interior if the mattress padding of your futon has been unloaded or bulked. Remove all the filling if it is dirty, smells bad or too lumpy to fix with a layer or two of new filling. Roll the filling into a cylindrical shape and remove it from the mattress cover. Lay flat out again and take height, length and width of the fill. Use those dimensions to cut new batting stages.

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Cut around the holes in the mattress cover, making them uniform and easy to work with squares or rectangles. Make a diagonal cut, about a quarter inch long, at the corner of each shape. Fold in the lapels you just created and then press them flat with the hot iron. Cut a piece of matching fabric with dimensions slightly larger than the opening of your futon and slide it into your hole. Match the edges of your scrap to the edges of the flap bent inward and the pin together. Hand-sew the patch to the futon mattress covers using thread of the same color.

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