How to Tighten the Oak Rain Barrels

Oct 20th
Oak Lawn Rain Barrel Program

Oak Rain Barrels – Oak barrels made for wine and whiskey aging are often sold. And also reused as planters, rain barrels and containers for other liquids. These barrels are constructed from strips of oak staves called dry. The rods are arranged in a circle, then wet and formed by heat in a convex barrel shape. Iron or steel bands known as hoops are driven down on the staves. By a hydraulic press to extract the staves with force.

The barrel rings are riveted and are not adjustable. The compression tension of the hoops is based on the level of humidity in the staves. They will loosen if the barrel is left empty and staves are allowed to dry and shrink. The barrel rings can be re-tightened by restoring the hydration of the staves.

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Store empty, unused oak barrels in a cool, moist environment and spray the inside of the barrels with water regularly to absorb the staves and tighten the rings. Place the floors and plants in a new oak cask planter and water as soon as possible to expand the staves and tighten the rings. Maintain soil moisture to keep the staves swollen. Fill up barrels of liquid is that they must be perfectly airtight and never allow them to dry. If the barrel needs to be emptied, refill with water or other liquid as soon as possible to saturate the staves and restore the tightness of the rings.

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