How to Sand the Coffee Table Wood

Oct 16th

Coffee table wood should be sanded before refinishing, staining or painting. Sanding a wooden coffee table is similar to sanding many other pieces of furniture. However, wooden coffee tables often feature wide expanses of wood, and special care must be taken to sand evenly.

Wood Coffee Table Round
Wood Coffee Table Round

Select the right grain of sandpaper for your coffee table. The harder the wood, the lower the number of grain should be in its sandpaper. Don’t forget to use a dust mask. Sanding brings up the tiny particles of wood that should not be inhaled. Hold the sandpaper in your dominant hand. Make sure that the smooth side you and the rough, tight side are touching your starting point on the wooden coffee table you face. In general, starting from one side of the coffee table and your way of working to another is an effective way to keep track of what you have already sanded.

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Push forward on the sandpaper, using a continuous movement. When you have reached the end of the coffee table with the sandpaper in your hand, place it at its original starting point and repeat the movement. Place the sandpaper in a new location, preferably immediately next to the section that has just finished sanding. Select a fine-grained sandpaper-and repeat the process if the wooden coffee table is not smooth enough to suit your purposes.

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