How to Refill Vintage Ceramic Lamps

Oct 16th

Vintage ceramic lamps are a decorative lamp that contains wax put over a light to emulate the appearance of the lava. Because the wax is heated by the light, it moves through the lamp, creating a distinct and unique effect. If you have a vintage lava lamp that has been shaken or dropped, you can replenish water with a specific solution to keep your lava lamp fresh and fresh.

Western Lamps Vintage
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Turn off the vintage ceramic lamps and let it cool and lava harden. Remove the outer plastic cover and pull off the inner metal cover with a bottle opener. Pour the water through a strainer to avoid losing any of the lava. If the lava falls into the strainer, put it back in the lamp. Fill the lava lamp with distilled water and a few drops of clear detergent. Cover the lamp and shake it with the soap mixture water inside. The liquid acts as an emulsifier.

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Place a small amount of Epsom salt, about one teaspoon, in aqueous solution. Connect your vintage ceramic lamps in a socket and wait for the wax to soften. If the wax is in the bottom, add more salt until it moves around. Turn off the lamp and allow it to cool until the lava solidifies. Replace both covers securely with the bottle protector.

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