How to Put Wood like Ceramic Tile

May 10th
Wood Plank Tile Layout Plan
Wood Plank Tile Layout Plan

Hardwood floors are not the best subfloor for the brand new wood like ceramic tile. The nature of the wood causes it to expand and contract. That, in turn, can cause the grout in its new mosaic to break with movement. However, some contractors will install ceramic tiles on wooden floors with cement slabs. Support table is a base layer that helps prevent changes in the subsoil. Before you start, make sure that the addition of cement tile. And ceramic tile will not cause a dramatic height difference in the floor from one room to another.

Vacuum the floors to remove all debris. Measure and cut the support board to fit the entire room. Cut the cement plate with a saw according to your measurements. Find the center of the room. Measure the length of one of the walls. Placement adhesive watered by the floor. Set the first row of tiles along the chalk line.

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Cut partial tiles with a tile cutter. Measure the space in which the tile is set. Mark the back of each tile with a permanent marker. Combing with a rubber trowel. Press the grout into the joints of the tiles, making sure that the grout is compacted and free of air bubbles. Dab grout from the cups of the tiles with a damp sponge.

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