How to Price Vintage Desk Lamp

Sep 22nd

Vintage Desk Lamp – Is it so old to accumulate lamp dust in the attic? It can have a significant value. Your trash can become someone’s treasure. Find your value on the path of the 21st century or get to the resource center of the library. According to United States customs laws, authentic antiques must be 100 years older than the date of sale. But vintage pieces can be priced out of date if highly sought after. Study and in a short time you will have the necessary experience for the price of the lamp and have a history lesson of their time.

Vintage Table Lamp
Vintage Table Lamp
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Inspect the base of the lamp for the stamping of an incision or manufacturer of marks, signatures and paper labels. Research online using the key elements. First, look for similar lamps that match the shape and style. Take the lamp to antiques and collectibles that carry similar styles. Many store owners will be happy to help you evaluate the value of any element of the excitement of a possible capture.

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Look for a registered appraiser, especially when the lamp can be of great value similar to Tiffany, Lalique or American ceramic art principles. Climb the Antiques Roadshow if you travel to your city. Examine your website for a search file, tips, resource links and a calendar of your traveling show. Tickets are available through a random drawing.