How to make Pallet Wood Coffee Table

Sep 15th

Pallet wood coffee table – Pallet furniture has many positive aspects. First of all, it is not expensive because the pallets are available at quite low prices, and with a little more effort you can even find them for free. It is also a type of material that is very durable and very durable. Many choose to make outdoor pallet wood coffee table table. This is a very good idea because they are made of wood that almost never slides and it prevents objects on the table from ending up on the floor. Finally the last advantage of pallet furniture: they are very simple to repair.

Pallet Wood Table Top
Pallet Wood Table Top
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How to make pallet furniture coffee table? Starting with remove the dangerous nails and disinfects the pallet with a pressure washer and then rubs it with an iron and soap pad. Pass the entire surface of the pallet with a wood sander, using a medium-grain abrasive sponge in the inaccessible points. Give a hand of cementite with the brush to prepare the wood to receive the paint. While waiting for the cementite to dry, choose a water-based glaze of the color you prefer. With the wooden brush, apply two coats of color to the pallet.

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Allowing a few hours to elapse between one coat and another to dry. Take fine grit sandpaper and smooth all the imperfections of your table. The last step is to insert the nylon wheels. Take a wheel, point it at one of the four corners of the pallet and make marks with the pencil at the holes. Remove the wheel and tip the screws into the wood where the marks are, just enough to make a light hole. Then remove the screws. Put the wheel back in position and fix all four screws. Repeat the passage for the remaining three wheels. The pallet coffee table with wheels is finally ready.

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