How to Make Bed Board Queen

Jul 19th
White Bed Board Queen
White Bed Board Queen

Bed board queen is a good idea for rooms that have no extra space for a second bed. The pulley beds have beds that usually have rolls on the bottom and can easily extendable bed. They are equally comfortable and are of the same quality on any other type of bed. The pulley beds are for people of all ages, as they are just like a regular bed, just easy to put away. Even a trundle bed is not easy to build, it can be done.

You need:

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Measure the size of the bed board queen. You should leave 4-6 inches between the top bed and the pulley bed mattress. Timber cut base, with a saw, in the size of the mattress. Leave 1/2 inch in length and width extra so there is room for mistakes. Cut two pieces of plywood in the same length and two of the same width as the first piece you cut. Put all four parts of the board together. Nail pieces of plywood to use together the L-brackets on the inside of the boards.

Nail the frame for the parts you have assembled with L-brackets. Turn the bed board queen over and put the wheels on each corner of the bottom of the pulley bed, using the screws to hold the wheels in place. Use enough small wheels so that the pulley bed fits into the main bed, making sure the wheels are the same size. Paint the pulley bed to match the main bed. . If you do not want to paint it, you can color it. After the bed dries, slide it into the main bed to see it fit. You can now start using your bed!

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