How to Get Rid Fiberglass Inground Pools

Jun 6th
Fiberglass Inground Pools Indianapolis

Having a fiberglass inground pools at your home can be a very rewarding thing; But what most people tend not to understand is that an in-ground pool can be a very costly and committed endeavor. There are a few cases where you can decide to have an in-ground pool is more problematic than it is worth. However, this can be a difficult task even for the most knowledgeable individual.


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Empty the pool either through a drain or by manually discharging the water. You can also try sucking out the water, but it can be time consuming. Break up the cement base by the pool. This is usually the most strenuous task of getting rid of fiberglass inground pools because you have to make sure the whole thing breaks. This is where you will need a jackhammer; you can use a sled, but this will tire you out quickly. Break pieces into pieces that a normal adult can carry, usually not larger than four feet long and 50 kilograms in weight.

Extract all broken cement pieces. This is where you should use your digger. You have to have somewhere to put bits when they are out. If you have a lot of property, you can store pieces at home for a while. However, you should get it outside the property as soon as possible. Fiberglass inground pools when you have the bulk of the pieces out, you can carry all the remaining pieces out yourself. Fill the free hole with your filling dirt. When you have the hole filled in, you can then spread grass seed around the dirt so that it appears as if nothing was there at all.

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