How to Build the Deep Computer Desk

Aug 5th
Desk of IKEA Product
Desk of IKEA Product

The construction of a homemade deep computer desk for your workspace is easier than it seems. Despite the intimidatingly complex components of some prefabricated desktops, so a workspace of pure, uncomplicated lines is simple. Set aside an afternoon for this project. Although you may be able to finish it in a couple of hours, you should always budget for extra time so that you have the time to do it right.

Cut the wood with the specified dimensions using your electric saw. Cut the sheet of 24-inch square plywood into the middle of the diagonal, making two triangles. Sand all sides of your wood twice: once with coarse grain sandpaper, once with soft grain sandpaper. Set the largest sheet of plywood in an L with a 30-inch sheet of 30-inch plywood. The edge of the smallest sheet should overlap the inside face of the large sheet.

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Adjust the second 30-inch by 30-inch plywood blade at the free end of the L, forming a C and nail it. Set your C shape on your open edges. Decide which side will be the front face of your desk, and which will be the back side. Put on one of its triangles of plywood in an upper corner of the back of the desk frame. Slide your desk instead of the room where it will be used.

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