Guide To Make A Small Wood Stool With His Own Hands

Aug 31st
Unfinished Wood Stools
Unfinished Wood Stools

Small wood stool – A small wooden pallet will find application in any room of an apartment or house. Every family member, especially children, will take a shower with their own hands. Which will be a practical topic to do sedentary homework, relax on loggia and other applications. Before starting work, it is important to mark the distance to the stool. It is necessary to mark a ruler and a pencil a rectangular part to create the upper part of the stool.

Then two segments are marked for the pages. If desired, you can make a small stool at home with your own hands with patterns, where different objects with a circle are used. Take them and sketch with a pencil on the shield, which on the sides you also need to mark the middle and a certain size. Experts recommend using a pre-prepared pattern from cardboard or other material.

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This process makes it easy and easy to mark the dimensions of the pages and use the pattern of the wood piece. Figure pattern will give a beautiful and original look of a small stool chair and will also remove the nodules. After this step, a hopper in the form of a trapezoid is labeled. It is important to draw lines on the work piece thinly so as not to complicate the cut in the evenness and not to erase the pencil.

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