Exposure Pfister Kitchen Faucets

Sep 3rd
Pfister Kitchen Faucets
Pfister Kitchen Faucets

Pfister kitchen faucets – A single-handle faucet has a handle that controls the flow and temperature of the water at the same time, being able to vary the temperature between cold and hot. You may need to disassemble the faucet to repair a broken or worn part, such as the O-ring or washer. The Price Pfister brand (which changed to Pfister in 2019) manufactures several models of ball, ceramic disc and mixer tap. Although single lever that differ from the taps appeared, disassembling the various taps is still generally similar and straightforward.

Turn off the water supply to the faucet. For most faucets, the water supply valves are located in the cabinet under the sink. Turn valve fully clockwise to close. Then lift the handle of the Pfister kitchen faucets to release the remaining water in the pipes. Put a clean cloth in the sink drain to prevent small pieces such as screws and tools from falling into the drain. Put a thick towel in the sink to prevent scratching or splintering while working. Lever the small button that covers the screw hole in the bottom of the faucet handle.

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Remove the hexagon locking screw with the corresponding Allen key. If the faucet is cartridge-style or ceramic disc with a button cap on top, lift the button cap and remove the screw underneath. Turn the handle gently to remove the lever from the base of the faucet. Remove adjusting ring, valve head or pivot nut, depending on the style of faucet. Price Pfister kitchen faucets have simple designs, so when you have the faucet you can easily eliminate the parts because this is quite simple and intuitive. Remove washers, springs and O-rings, using thin-tipped pliers.

Referring to fig. Remove the cam assembly, if the faucet is ball. The cam looks like a small ball with a long metal probe at the top. If the faucet is cartridge-style, grasp the top stem of the assembly and lift it from the base of the faucet. For a ceramic faucet, remove the small metal retaining clip from the stem of the cartridge. The clip resembles a capital letter “U” and secures the cartridge to the base of the faucet. After removing the clip, grasp the stem and pull the cartridge from the base of the Pfister kitchen faucets. The last step, lift the base of the metal faucet to remove it from the faucet body.

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