Easy Tips Installing Kitchen Faucets

Sep 4th

Kitchen Faucets – Regarding the sink, they have not had any doubts either, a sink of one and a half fits perfectly in the chosen place. This mounting guide offers simple instructions to help you quickly assemble a faucet. A kitchen faucet allows you to update the look of your kitchen completely in an economical and simple way without having to do work. Turn off the water by closing the main water inlet near the meter. Then turn on the kitchen faucets until no more water comes out. Place a cloth under the hose assemblies or mounting hardware before dismounting in the event of dripping. Make sure that there is no other tap on the faucet before starting to disassemble it.

Kitchen Faucets
Kitchen Faucets

Use an adjustable wrench to loosen and disconnect the connections. There may be two inputs, each of which is compression or there are two stopcocks on the inputs or hoses (positioning under the sink). Remove the existing kitchen faucet. The base of the kitchen faucets has a thread that secures the faucet to the surface. Untwist threads, retaining plate and washers by hand or with a wrench and remove the faucet. The new kitchen faucet will have an external thread in the base. Pass the tube through the hole in the sink or countertop and position the retaining plate and washers on the tube. Fit the nut and tighten with a wrench or pliers. Check that the faucet has been installing in the correct position.

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If your faucet is made of stainless steel or your kitchen counter is agglomerated, you will need to drill a new hole of the right diameter to be able to properly install the faucet. Inside the mounting tube on the base of the kitchen faucets are two tubes. One must be connected to the hot water inlet and the second must be connecting to the cold water inlet. They have a diameter of 10 mm and can be fold up or shortening if requiring. The flexible ones are usually include in with any kitchen faucet, but in case they are not include in, they can be purchase separately in any DIY center.

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They feature a stainless steel braid that protects the rubber tubes. The hoses have threaded nuts on each side to ensure a fully secured connection and prevent dripping. The flexible range is available in different sizes and with different connections. Once you have install your new kitchen faucets, check that all components have been tightening. Once you have completed this step you can open the water passage and check that there is no water leakage. We hope you found this guide helpful.