DIY Finishing for Wood Plank Tile Layout

Jan 14th
Wood Look Tile Sealer
Wood Look Tile Sealer

Wood Plank Tile Layout – Having a wooden floor is a gift for any room. The organic quality of a wooden floor introduces an element of outdoor activities into, giving your room a touch of nature. The natural tonality of a wooden floor subtly adds a touch of color to the room and a warm glow. However, the care of wood floors is essential adequately in order to keep them in good condition for years to come. An important aspect of this process is the creation of a suitable finish for the plants both to show their shine and protect them.

Take off your shoes so that the plants do not leave marks of wear on the floor and vacuum the floor carefully, removing all dust particles. Fill a spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol and spray the floor lightly. Clean the bowl with clean paper towels. Pour the finish of the urethane floor into a plastic tray. Dip a 4-inch nylon brush in the pan and apply to the floor, starting at the corner, covering the whole floor slowly and methodically with your brush. Then, let it dry for 12 hours.

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Lightly sand the entire surface of the plant with an electric sander and a sheet of 150 grit sandpaper. Run a vacuum on the surface of the floor and apply another layer of the urethane floor finish. Let them dry 12 hours. Sand the entire floor again with 150 grit sandpaper in your electric sander. Aspirate the sanding dust and apply a final coat of urethane floor finish, allowing a total of 12 hours to dry.

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