Build Simple Wood Counter Stool with Back

Oct 3rd
Wood Counter Stools With Low Backs
Wood Counter Stools With Low Backs

Wood counter stool with back is excellent seating tools for kitchens with breakfast bars. Or for bars in living rooms and dining room. These stools are not fixed. You can move them to create new living areas and add capacity for parties and events. Putting your back to the back of each stool makes stools more comfortable and supportive. Also encouraging those who inhabit them to settle in and stay longer. You can build stools with backrests to fit any size or height of the countertop.

Stand four 2-by-2-by-36-inches at their ends, using an assistant to hold the posts already placed in a 16-inch square. Set a 1-by-18-by-18-inch table on the top of the support board to be the stool seat. Drill four holes through the support plate and into the stool seat. Hold two 1-by-2-by-12-inches together evenly between each pair of legs in the stool, with these short support boards perpendicular to the fecal posts.

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Position 1 of two-by-2-by-20-inch boards evenly against one edge of the seat plate, with a large flush side against the seat. Drill two holes in each of these backrest support boards and in the middle on the seat plate. Position two 1-by-4-by-18-inch boards evenly across the front of the backrest support boards so that the large side is flush with these plates and are perpendicular to them. Space of the boards evenly on the support tables of the backrest.

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