Build DIY Black Corner Desk Ideas

May 15th
Small Black Corner Desk
Small Black Corner Desk

Building your own black corner desk is a much easier task than searching the stores, as there is usually a shortage of favorable corner furniture in the market. Corner desk use Wall studs fixed to the wall studs to support, create a heavy-duty built-in desk that will be measured in your chosen corner. Save yourself some time by taking the measurements of the corner before buying the wood, so the lumber yard can all cut to size for you.

Mark two level lines on the corner walls that represent both the height of the table as well as the length of the sides of the desk. Cut two 2 by 2-inch lengths of wood with a saw about 4 or 5 inches shorter than the length of the lines on the wall. These are the wall studs to support the corner table. Place one of the coves along a line, the end of the cove flush with the end of the line, leaving a space between the other end of the cove and the corner.

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Cut a 1-inch-thick medium-density fiber triangle piece. Adjust the desk in the corner at the top of the coves. Press right into the corner of the wall and continue pushing as you must fix it to the cleats with 2-inch wood screws every 5 to 6 inches across the table in the wall studs. Use wood putty to cover the screw holes, and then touch up with paint to finish the corner table.

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