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Mar 24th
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Queen size captains bed – The basic difference between a queen bed and other bed frames is the height. A captain’s bed is even higher, between the navel and the chest. Set aside a weekend for this project, much of which you can spend waiting for the color to dry. Mount ram: Firstly, arrange two 60-inch beams and two 77-inch beams in a rectangle. The ends of which longer beams adjoining the faces of the shorter beams. Screw them in place with three screws in each corner. 2nd, slide the third 77-inch beam into the center line of the rectangle. Replace center and screw with three screws at the end.

3, repeat steps one and two more times to build a total of three frames queen size bed captain. 4, stack three pictures on top of each other. 5, place a 36-inch 60-inch plywood sheet against a short end of stacked frames. Screw it to frames with three parallel lines with 6 wooden screws each. For each line, drive two screws in each of the beams behind. Set a row of screws in the middle, the other one by one inch from any edge. 6, repeat step five to attach the other 60-inch plywood plate to the opposite short end. Place a 36-inch 80-inch plywood sheet against a long end of stacked frames. Screw as you did with the shorter ends.

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If you can’t find 80-inch long timber, use two 40-inch discs. 8, repeat step seven to attach the remaining 80-inch plywood sheet to the opposite long end. 9, place the two 60-inch 40-inch plywood sheets on top of the frame. Screw in place with a screw in each corner and a screw in the middle of each edge. Finishing of coaster beds: First, grind the corners at the top of the frame. 2nd, apply the painter’s putty over all visible screw heads, and in all grooves or divots in your timber. Let dry. 3, paint all visible surfaces timber. Depending on your needs, you may need to apply several layers.

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