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Dec 3rd
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Tile Wood Floors – In case of tile floors meets wood floors, there may be a significant difference. In the heights of the two. Whoever is older will be vulnerable to damage. Because each time a person steps on the transition, the top piece will absorb the thickness of the footprint. Trim will protect the floor materials, especially tiles, from becoming chipped or worn. And will give a finished look to the transition between the two floors.

Metal transition and edging strips come in bronze, brass, aluminum and other metallic finishes. They can be found in a variety of ways to protect the edge of the tile. If it is larger, smaller or at the same level as the hardwood floor. A quarter-turn piece of wood, dyed to match the wooden floor. Can be used as a transition piece between the two floors. It is often called a reducer since it reduces the height between the two floors. A round of rooms is used only if the difference between wood and tile is less than one inch. If the difference is more, a strip of beveled wood about 2 inches wide and dyed to match that of hardwood will provide a gradual transition.

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If the tile is larger than that of the hardwood, it may be possible to acquire a matching strip of the same material as the tile. Some tiles, especially those that are also used in counters, have special pieces edging in rounded shapes called rounded, more elegant cuts such as colonial or beveled cuts at an angle of 45 degrees called a chamfer.

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