Best Ideas of Loft Beds for Adults IKEA

Jul 2nd
Ikea Loft Bed Hacked
Ikea Loft Bed Hacked

Loft Beds for Adults IKEA – Adding a high bed to a small apartment can both free space for storage. Or other activities and lend design interest. Sometimes you can carve two areas of interest. They are a loft bedroom that gives a feeling of greater privacy, and a corner enclosed below it. That it can be used as a reading area, a computer area or even a space dedicated to your business at home.

In case you have enough space and height, you can build a “raised room,” 7 feet or more above the living room at ground level. Lofts of this type should be solidly constructed using 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 joists of 16 “or 24” centers, 4 x 6 posts, braced, “laminated wood floor and, or a 36” at least 1/2 To 42 “of railing or walls completely closed, access it with a ladder.

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It cannot fit a classic high bed in a space with an 8 “or 9” ceiling. You can still build a “low high bed” 5 feet above ground level, freeing space below it for storage. Alternatively, one side of the low high bed becomes the storage space. On the other hand, it creates a corner of sufficient depth for a work table. You can buy the storage units first, then create the low bed loft on top of them. Access with a staircase or steps (which also provide smaller storage stairs).

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