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Art Deco Sconces For Wall

During the inter-war period, the Art Deco movement was at its height and influenced a number of objects of everyday life. They combine art with functionality. Luminaries and in particular Art Deco Wall Sconces were largely influenced by this artistic movement. The art deco sconces for walls are recognizable among thousands thanks to their angular geometric forms. A great characteristic of Art Deco, sharply contrasting with the decorative and floral style of Art Nouveau.

Art Deco Chandeliers

Art Deco Chandeliers

Thanks to the advent of electricity and its availability for all at the beginning of the century, the master glassmakers try to create as early as the 20s art deco lamps for wall as functional as aesthetic for the purpose of perfect control of the diffusion of light. In 1923, Jean Perzel became one of the forerunners of the estate. And managed to create luxurious Art Deco walls conces with soft and indirect lighting.

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Indeed, he developed a frosted and sandblasted glass on the outside of the reflector. These in order to make the most of the light source while keeping a diffused light. So putting in value the decorations and the surrounding faces. Also in fracture with Art Nouveau, the frames of art deco wall lighting abandon the decoration to excess and romanticism. Worn by the new industrial era of the twentieth century, the frames will often be metal (chrome, silver or bronze) forming clean lines, geometric and cubist.

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