Antler Sconces Chandelier Ideas

Sep 8th

Antler sconces appeal to both fans of traditional hunting lodge decor and hip, ironic style. You can do it yourself. Follow this instruction below. First, clean hollow inside of antlers using oil soap. Paint or stain your antlers, or cover them in a polyurethane coat to protect their natural appearance. Sort antler sheds in two groups, antlers with good tips for mounting light bulbs and support antlers. Arrange antlers for an approach of the finished chandelier, determining exactly which antlers tips will house the chandelier lights.

Antler Light Sconces

Play with all the antlers until they fit together for the antler chandelier. Creating a circular base of antlers as interlocking and somewhat reinforcing each other. Drill holes through antlers tips where you intend to attach light. Also drill holes on the antlers around the inside of the circular base, making sure to drill two holes in each antlers side. String the long wire from the chandelier set into these side holes. Slide the wire through one hole and out the other, all around the circle base. Pull the cord to remove slack in the wire and secure the base.

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Continue the base with wood glue, if necessary. Run wires through the bottom of the antlers you drilled for chandelier lights. Pull the wires out through the drill tips of the antlers. Attach the light sockets from the chandelier lighting kit to these wires, following the instructions provided with your package. Close up all your drill holes with some antlers or clay. Cover up the filled holes with paint or stain. Complete the General Assembly of the remaining components of your antler chandelier kit lighting, according to kit instructions.

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