Accessorize for Square Wood and Metal Coffee Table

Jul 1st
Square Wood Coffee Table
Square Wood Coffee Table

Square wood and metal coffee table is one of the most common types of furniture found in a typical house, it can be one of the most overlooked in terms of decoration. Square coffee tables are popular because they fit well between furniture and throw a symmetrical anchor for the room. Coffee tables can serve as a place to put books, magazines, drinks, and snacks, but they also tend to be messy. Accessories for a coffee table should help keep clutter free, accent on the table and ATE in decorating your general room.

Keep the accessories towards the center of the table to put the function and comfort first. A coffee table serves a functional purpose, and if its decoration interferes with it, it will soon grow tired of it. Use odd – number of groupings. Groups of three and five are more attractive to the eye and will offer a contrast with a square table with its four sides.

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Vary heights to break the symmetrical square appearance. Create visual interest by combining different textures, shapes, and heights. Double fashion and function by using accessories also serve as storage of information. Do not from the crowded table. Less is more when it comes to accessories of a coffee table. Too many things only make people look messy until they stick to only a few pieces that somehow coordinate by color, style or theme.

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